Devialet’s NYC store brings its futuristic hi-fi audio to everyone

Devialet’s Phantom speakers made waves earlier this year due to their innovative, compact design that could throw out ridiculously low bass without muddying up the higher end of the audio spectrum. At $2,000 though, the speakers aren’t exactly cheap, so only lucky audiophiles with wide enough pockets would be able to experience it.

That’s now changing – if you live in New York, anyway. Following Sonos and Sennheiser’s flagship outlets in New York City, now Devialet has opened up a store just a few blocks away from those.

(Apparently, all of New York’s audiophiles live in Soho.)

Also much like the Sonos and Sennheiser Store, the Devialet Store is meant to be a bit of a small community hub. Towards the end of the store, a 5-speaker setup surrounds a large TV; Devialet plans to screen movies – open to the public – so users can experience the speakers in their most exuberant form

If you want something a little more personal, You’ll be able to test the company’s Silver and Gold edition speakers in an acoustically sealed room. You’l have to set up an appointment, as there’s only one listening room, but it’s worth it to experience  the Phantoms without the surrounding noise of the store and city.

They are insanely good, by the way. $2,000-$3,000 per speaker may be above my audiophile tax bracket, but I’ve listened to enough hi-fi set-ups to know the Phantom are actually a pretty great deal, especially considering their wireless connectivity and fairly small size; I’ve never heard that kind of bass extension, clarity, or soundstage from anything of its size and price range.

No need for a subwoofer here – even the cheaper model easily extends below 20 Hz; a rare feat for a full-range device. That’s the lowest frequency humans can hear (but you can definitely feel the lower frequencies the speaker pump out).

It’s pretty mesmerizing to see the side-mounted bass drivers vibrating in an out. It’s such controlled bass that a Devialet rep placed an iPhone atop the Gold Phantom and pumped out sub-bass without the device budging the slightest bit.

That they look like futuristic oblong orbs from outer space helps too.

The company tells me it will be hosting events throughout the year in the hopes of attracting new audiences, and that it’s working on bringing its innovative technology to more people in the future. Hopefully that means more affordable speakers – a man can dream.

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