Google Home now helps you cook by reading recipes out loud

Following updates to its Home speaker with support for multiple users , finding cheap flights and controlling your connected gadgets , Google has added a handy new feature to the device that aspiring chefs will enjoy.

It can now read recipes out to you while you cook, one step at a time. Simply fire up Google Assistant or use to Google’s search app to look for a recipe on your phone, and hit the ‘Send to Google Home button’. Next, say ‘OK Google, start cooking’, and the speaker will do its thing.

You can also command it to repeat steps or go back to a previous instruction. Plus, Home can multitask, so you can ask it to play music or convert a measurement without losing your place in the recipe.

Google says the feature supports more than 5 million recipes, so you should be able to use it for pretty much any dish you can think of.

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