Huawei Matebook D15:Should You Buy It?

At present, the laptop is indispensable for colleges and its choice is also a headache of students at school. What is a necessary factor? Good appearance? Price at a good value? Excellent performance? Huawei Matebook d15 can be an answer.

Performance Of The Exterior Appearance

It uses a high strength aluminum alloy body, so the whole thing is thin. The thicker position is only 16.9 mm. The 15-inch models are controlled in 1.53kg, and they won't feel heavy in your hands.


The cover(A facet) is very simple and the feeling is delicate. Huawei's English logo is in the middle.The screen of B facet follows the design of Matebook family:the left and right border reaches 5.3mm and the viewing angle is 178°,which provides users with a full-screen atmosphere and makes them immersed in it.This screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 has passed the certification of TÜV Rheinlande and the certification of blinking eyes of the frequency. When you use the screen for a long time, you can right-click on the computer desktop to select the display management, open your eye mode. Protect your eyes, you should always do it.

Come to the C facet of the laptop, the keyboard surface has a matte texture.The plate touched is great, except for the normal pressure, it is very suitable for multi-finger control. For example, you can drag multiple task views via three points, and the four-finger slider can change different desktop. And it also supports custom gestures. As long as you have used it, you will know that it really improves efficiency.Like other MateBook products, the hidden cameras are placed between the F6 and F7 buttons. The purpose of this design is to make the screen more and protect your privacy better. There is a button Integrating a set unlocking and fingerprint, located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and its convenience is like the fingerprint of cell phone unlocks with a speedand fast.The entrance of the wind is at the top of the facet ,in the form of a band. And the two sides are the speaker opening.It can also be seen the e label of the three pieces of authentic Windows and Office ,as well as AMD (the graphics card).The left side of the fuselage is the following: the TypeC for charging,the interface of USB3.2 Gen1 and HDMI.The right side of the fuselage is responsible for the 3.5mm earphone hole and two interfaces of USB 2.0.These can meet the needs of biocappers, connect the projector and keyboard of the external mouse.

Performance Of Operation

In terms of configuration, huawei matebook d 15 can be equipped with AMD Ryzen7 4700U processor, 16GB memory of DDR4 2666 MHz, 512GB PCle Solid State Drive and integrated graphics for the best. AMD Ryzen7 4700U has eight cores, so you can run multiple tasks at the same time and it is very smooth. Superior performance with lower functional losses.It can be said that AMD Ryzen7 4700U is one of the most powerful 15W processors. And huawei matebook d15 i3 uses a silent fan, compared to the previous generation, its number of fan filters increased to 71,and thus the performance of heat dissipation increased by 27%.

Charging Speed

Provided with a 65W separable dual head USB charger, it can charge 53% within 30 minutes. And it is also capable of doing super charging for cell phones that support fast charging.


In fact, the purchase depends on several factors.But the most important factor is whether it is suitable for yourself.So, before you feel like making the decision, still need to make the necessary understanding.


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