What is RAM and You Need It on Your Smartphone

RAM means Random Access Memory. For those who have been using computers and phones for some time, you may have been aware of this part of your devices. In its simplest terms, the bigger it is, the better the product is. This is why you should buy HONOR 90 Lite because it is indeed a good example of an inexpensive device that has a big RAM for daily usage. Why should you always take the size of RAM into consideration every time you buy a new device? Read more to know the reason why you should take note of the RAM size.


Why Do You Need a Big RAM for Your Smartphone?


A big RAM allows smoother switching of applications 

The smartphones that people have now should be able to function smoothly with many background applications being used. The size of the RAM that your smartphone has will have a big effect on the switching of applications from one to another. Without a big RAM, your phone will stop the background apps from working and you need to start the clicking and running of specific apps before you can use them once again. 


If your phone does not have a big RAM, you will be affected by the delays caused by the restarting of new phones. You will not be able to depend on your smartphone to do your tasks simultaneously.  


This is the reason why you should buy an honor 90 lite. It has 8GB RAM with 256GB internal memory. This means that your phone can be trusted anytime. 


It affects the recording of videos

This generation has turned to a different platform for communication and interaction. People are now using videos on their social media accounts. Some can record on 720p while other phones can go as high as 4K and 8K recording. This means that you also need a high memory for video operation. The RAM of your device can help determine the response of your device in terms of recording your videos, especially the higher resolutions of videos. 


It allows for more apps to run

Social media uses around 100 to 500MB of RAM. This means that if you have a smaller RAM, your overall optimization of operation will be minimized. Browsers also use a big amount of RAM when you run this app. You should also take into account the number of tabs that are currently opened on the browser itself. Google Chrome utilizes around 500MB of RAM for basic searches on the app. 


It affects playing games 

Just like any computer, your phone’s gameplay is mainly dependent on the amount of RAM that you have. The bigger RAM your phone has, the better its gameplay for high-resolution requirements. For other graphics-heavy games, they require a minimum size of RAM in order to make the whole gameplay smooth and without problems. 


It runs the basic operating system

You have to keep in mind that mobile devices use RAM for the operating system itself. Even if it is just the startup and standby operation of the device, you are already using a portion of the size of RAM available on your smartphone.




The shortest answer to the use of RAM on mobile devices is that it makes all the operations of your phone easier and smoother. If you are looking for a smartphone that is cheap and has a good RAM size for daily usage, you should buy HONOR 90 Lite. It is a device that is equipped with an 8GB memory. Along with its other features, the HONOR 90 Lite is indeed a phone that you should buy this year. 





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