Why is Laptop Hot

The heat dissipation ability of laptop is not as good as desktop computer. The internal space of the notebook computer is limited, it is easy to get hot when playing games, which is almost a common problem of the notebook computer, and it is difficult to solve the problem by upgrading the internal radiator and increasing the cooling fan. If the heat dissipation of notebook computer is not good, it is easy to cause computer crash, blue screen and other problems. Especially in summer, the high temperature of laptop is not uncommon. So notebook computer heat dissipation is not good how to do? Let's share the causes and solutions of poor heat dissipation of notebook computers.

Reasons for poor heat dissipation of laptop:

1. Laptop internal space:

Compared with desktop computers, Laptops have the advantage of lightweight and portability. The internal space of laptop is narrow. Thus, the heat dissipation capacity is bound to be limited. And the indoor temperature in summer is already very high. The internal CPU of laptop is prone to high temperature.

2. Dust, heat conducting copper tube / silicone grease aging

Dust will appear inside the laptop after it has been used for long. More dust will also cause laptop heat dissipation is not smooth. After two years of use, the oil sludge inside the fan shaft will increase. It can result in a great decline in heat dissipation performance. In addition, the heat conducting copper tube will also be heated and oxidized. Thus, reducing the heat dissipation capacity.


Solution to poor heat dissipation of laptop

1. Cleaning of dust and silicone grease.

Laptop may have poor heat dissipation. It is recommended to clean the dust. Or you need to replace the aging parts of the laptop regularly. At the same time, the CPU and graphics chip are replaced with silicone grease. It can improve the heat dissipation capacity of notebook computer.

2. Add external cooling equipment.

Maybe you can't add a cooling fan inside the laptop. Then you can buy a laptop cooling base or an exhaust radiator. They can enhance the cooling capacity.

Laptops are more likely to get hot in summer. Sometimes just cleaning up the dust can not fundamentally solve the problem. You can use it in a cool and well-ventilated environment with air conditioning. Or you can use the exhaust radiator as the heat sink base. The use of a fan blowing on laptop also has a certain effect without conditioner.

3. A suitable ventilation environment for laptop.

Sometimes we use the laptop in a crowded and narrow place. And the heat sink of the laptop is close to the wall. Or there are objects around to block it. Then the heat emission of the laptop will be greatly affected. So when we use the laptop, we'd better put it in a place conducive to ventilation. And we need to move things around that can block cooling of the fan.

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