Detailed Steps for Assembling Desktop Computers

Why do we bother to assemble a computer when PC is so popular? There are mainly the following three reasons. First, save money or pursue higher performance-to-price ratio. Second, increase our knowledge and understanding of computers. Third, get do-it-yourself, and install the machine. It can light up the sense of achievement after success.

Processor Installation

Next, install the memory.

Motherboard Installation

The following is the installation of the video card. The pei-e video card slot is the same as the memory. There is also an anti-dumb plan. The file of the video card location is at the back of the chassis. First remove it. And then the gold finger of the video card can be inserted.

Installation of various types of data lines

The HD-LED on the motherboard is the hard disk work indicator. And the thread head is written as: HD-LED is plugged in. And the SP-LED on the motherboard is the power supply work indicator. So plug positive and negative end of the thread, P LED on it. If these two indicators are plugged into the positive and negative levels. The lights will not light up after electrification. And if the lights are not lit, just replace directions.

The RST on the motherboard is the restart button. First plug the thread head with RESET SW. And the PW-BN on the motherboard is the boot button. Then plug the thread head with POWER SW on it.

The F-AUDIO on the motherboard is the interface position of the pre-audio. Unlike the USB, it is one less needle on the side. And the pre-audio is one less in the younger brother's 4 trees. Just insert it in the corresponding position.

The processor's 8P power supply also has 4p, so take down 4. Motherboard and processor power supply have anti-stupid planning. Do not worry about the wrong plug. And you can not plug in the wrong direction.

After the above steps are done, the installation will be completed. If your chassis is side-transparent, the light will look much better. Not side penetration is not necessary, you can take the chassis of the top line. The line looks beautiful in the back. After installation, it will be very comfortable. You can tie up the line and tie it up with a strap.

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