Desktop Memory Installation Method

Memory is an indispensable and important hardware for computers. The hardware of desktop computers can be replaced manually. The replacement of memory chips is the simplest and most frequent. There are some precautions in the installation process of memory chips. For example, the bayonet should be aligned and the fastener should be fastened. The steps for installing memory chips on desktop computers will be described below.

The memory installation method is simple. First you find the memory slot on the motherboard. You open the fastener of memory slot outward. Most of the memory slots on the motherboard are unilateral fasteners. One is movable while the other fastener is fixed. We just need to open one fastener. If there are fasteners on both sides of the motherboard's memory slot. You can open them at both ends outward.


We took out the computer memory module. The " connecting finger" part of the memory module has a groove. One side of the groove is longer than the other. Look at the gap in the memory module. There is a "raised bar" on the memory slot of the motherboard. Just insert it here. When inserting, press the memory module down hard. You can complete the installation by inserting the memory module completely into the memory slot.

In addition, the "memory dual-channel insertion method" can install memory chips. The memory dual-channel method needs to meet two conditions. First, desktop computers must have two or more memories. Second, desktop motherboards must support dual channels. At present, all motherboards support dual-channel memory. This point can be ignored.


Let's first name and number the memory slots on the motherboard. Begin numbering from the memory slot closest to the CPU slot. Slots 1, 2, 3 and 4. We use Interval insertion method to form dual channels of memory. For example, there are two pieces of memory. We inserted the memory into the memory slots numbered "1 and 3". Or "2, 4 memory slots". The formation of dual channels of memory can be completed. From the perspective of priority. We'd better insert memory chips into memory slots 2 and 4 first, followed by memory slots 1 and 3. Because slots 2 and 4 can avoid the tower CPU radiator. The damage of high temperature is avoided and the service life of the memory module is enhanced.

When the number of memory chips is not certain. We insert memory slots in different ways. If there is one memory here. We will insert it into slot 2. Because it is a single channel of memory. To build dual-channel memory, you must have 2 or more memory chips. If there are 2 pieces of memory, we will insert them in slots 2 and 4 first. Next, insert slots 1 and 3. This completes the formation of dual-channel memory. If there are 3 pieces of memory. We insert two memory chips into slots 2 and 4. And the third one is inserted into any slot. If there are 4 memories, plug in slots to complete the formation of dual-channel memory.

These are the desktop memory installation methods and precautions. The insertion of memory is simple. We need to open the fasteners on one side or both sides of the memory slot. Insert the memory and make sure it is completely inserted into the memory slot of the motherboard.

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