How to Make Laptop Batteries More Durable

Compared with desktop computers, laptops have stronger portability. So, they are widely used by business people. However, laptops have a fatal shortcoming, that is, endurance. But in fact, as long as we pay attention to some operation skills, we can prolong the endurance of laptops.

Select a Dark Background

Everyone likes to use bright colors as the background of the screen, but it consumes a lot of electricity. Because of the OLED on the screen, each pixel can be independent and emit light. This consumes a lot of electricity. If you use a dark background, such as black, you can turn off the pixels of the screen. It saves electricity and maintains the battery.

Regular Cleaning of Garbage Files

The slow running speed of laptop will affect the battery life. So, it is recommended that users should regularly clean up the garbage files of computer. This can not only improve the running speed of the system, but also save electricity.

Do Not Place the Laptop in an Environment Too Cold or Too Hot

The super cooled and overheated environment will promote the consumption of battery power. Long-term exposure to extreme environments will affect battery life. It's vital not to overheat the laptop. It is easy to cause the danger of battery explosion. And it is terrible.

Wrong Charging Mode

People are used to plugging in power when using laptops. But it is very harmful to batteries. It is important to know that the charging cycle of laptops is 0%-100%. And the continuous charging state will hinder the cycle and then damage the battery. The correct operation should be to unplug the power supply after it is fully charged. It is better to maintain the normal electricity quantity at about 50%-80%.

In addition, some users like to recharge after completely using up the electricity. This method is wrong. The battery in laptops is lithium battery. This battery property has no memory effect. This will lead to the chemical substances in the lithium battery not being able to react, thus reducing the service life of the battery itself. Remember that the laptop power should not be less than 20% before charging.

No Unneeded Devices

Devices such as keyboards, mice and cameras that need USB connection can be avoided as much as possible. All these devices need to consume the electricity of the laptop. If they are not used, it can save a lot of electricity.

Turn off the Unused Applications

Do not open too many applications when using laptops. If you don't need it, turn it off. Otherwise, it will increase the operating burden on the system. If this happens for a long time, it will accelerate the consumption of the battery. And it will affect the life of the battery.

Laptop Interior Cleaning

Many people will ignore the internal cleaning of laptops. If there is too much dust inside the laptop, it will lead to the weakening of the heat dissipation function. It will in turn increase the consumption of battery power. If you can't clean it by yourself, you can go to the battery repair shop for cleaning.

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