Surface Pro 3 owners are experiencing yet another battery issue

The Surface Pro 3 is proving to be incredibly problematic for Microsoft.

Just last month, it patched a bug that inaccurately reported the battery capacity on devices with a Simplo cell, and now users with a Surface Pro 3 that sports an integrated LG power pack are experiencing an issue that prevents it from charging.

I’d argue that this latest bug is a lot nastier than the Surface Pro 3’s previous flaw as it actually prevents you from using the device when it’s not connected to a power outlet. As soon as you pull the plug, it instantly shuts down without saving any of the files you’re working on.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t issued an official response to reports of the glitch. It has, however, informed a community moderator on its answer forum that it’s “aware” of the problem. Although, I’m not too sure that constitutes a public acknowledgment of the issue.

Personally, I think that Microsoft should send a statement to all owners of the affected units informing them that it’s in the process of developing a patch for the bug that should start rolling out soon.

After all, imagine shelling out a minimum of $799 for a Surface Pro 3 only to have it die on you without knowing if the manufacturer intends to fix it.

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